What is the 10 List?


What is the 10 List?

The 10 List is a print and online publication that is part scholarly writing, part LLM profile. Our publication seeks to highlight and publish the best foreign LLM students in the United States. Our 10 List Conference will be in April 2024.

Why Engage with The 10 List?

Choosing to engage with The 10 List is choosing to elevate your profile and résumé to visibility amongst discerning recruiters and hiring attorneys, enhancing your prospects of being hired as an associate. Even with the most well-meaning career services, the tailored, targeted assistance that you require might still be lacking.

Engagement with The 10 List also means embracing unity—standing together as LLM students and graduates in a competitive environment. Consider this: have you reached out to a prospective employer cold, and awaited a response in vain? The 10 List bridges this gap, leveraging established relationships with firms nationwide, ensuring that the cream of the crop reaches the right eyes.

Who is The 10 List Seeking?

We are in search of LLM individuals who personify excellence and achievement. Have you attained remarkable milestones? Have you contributed to fields that would overshadow a JD candidate’s accomplishments? Maybe you have delved deep into a specialized area of law in your home country or are currently involved in projects pertinent to prevailing global events. Whether you have penned a thought-provoking dissertation or explored a riveting legal realm, we are looking for LLM candidates like you who can enrich our publication with their unique insights and experiences.

How do I submit to the 10 List?

Our submission criteria are explained here:

Submission must include

  1. Completed submission form [download PDF here] or [download Word Doc here]
  2. Resume
  3. The article/essay / book review or writing sample.

If you are selected for the 10 List, you will need to submit a photograph for publication.

What is the submission Deadline?
December 1, 2023, 11:59 PM

When will I be notified if I was successful in making it into the 10 List?
December 29, 2023

When will the 10 List be released?
The online portfolio will be released on February 12, 2024.
The print version of the 10 List will mailed out the week of February 12, 2024

How many LLMs will be included, and to what extent?
We will feature and profile 10 LLM graduates and LLM students.

Do I need to pay anything?

There is no payment required to submit to the 10 List.

The 10 List will be available in PDF form from February 12, 2024. It is free to download.

We ask individuals selected to be featured or profiled in the 10 List to contribute a small donation to cover printing and postage costs. We estimate that this cost will be around $25. There is no obligation. We are a self-funded, not-for-profit group. All contributions to the 10 List are strictly used to fund the printed 10 List Portfolio and accompanying website. 

Who will receive the 10 List?

The 10 List will be sent to

  • Our curated list of law firms across the United States who hire LLM graduates
  • Our curated list of Legal recruiters.
  • Our curated list of press contacts 
  • Our curated list of academic contacts

What do you get if you’re selected for the 10 List?

  • Featured or profiled in our 2024 Ten List Publication—both the print and online versions.
  • Invited to speak at our 10 List Conference
  • Printed copy of the 10 List.
  • Detailed list of which firms, recruiters and press contacts received the 10 List

Profiles and scholarly writing from the best LLMs in America

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