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Embarking on an LLM journey means mastering the art of resilience and adaptation. As an LLM student, the plethora of challenges you’ve overcome is testament to your resolve. You’ve already proven your mettle by securing a law degree in your home country and now, you’re enriching it with further legal education in the United States. It is a testament to your resilience.

However, the pursuit of opportunities post-acquisition of the degree can be daunting, given the legal recruitment structure predominantly favoring JDs. While JD students enjoy a structured and robust recruitment cycle, often securing employment before graduation, LLM students navigate a more rugged terrain. Access to resources like the International Student Interview Program is restricted, available to a select 33 LLM Programs. If you find yourself outside these, the pursuit becomes even more complex, making reliance on law school’s career services, which are traditionally tailored for JDs, inevitable. It requires innovation and determination for LLM students to carve out their professional paths.

While we are not a placement agency, The 10 List aims to be a catalyst for outstanding LLM students and recent graduates, highlighting those who merit a place on your firm’s radar. We endeavor to elevate 2024’s distinguished LLM achievers, offering them a platform to shine.

The 10 List warmly invites current LLM students and recent graduates to share their insights through articles, essays, or book reviews. We are seeking submissions that delve into any relevant subject matter and cultivate enriching discourse within the American legal community. Our objective is to spotlight works that explore legal themes with profundity, innovation, and originality.

We are not simply in search of excellent writers. We are on a quest to discover individuals who embody the essence of comprehensive excellence – those who articulate legal scholarship through their writing, exemplify leadership, and have amassed noteworthy achievements in both their professional and academic pursuits. We aspire to feature LLM students who have transcended the expectations of their programs and shone brightly in their endeavors. Our platform aims to introduce these illustrious individuals to premier law firms, esteemed legal recruiters, and discerning hiring attorneys.

Eligibility is extended to current LLM students and recent graduates who have received their initial law degree outside the United States, with those who have graduated by 2020 considered as recent graduates.

We advocate for adherence to the citation guidelines stipulated in The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (21st ed. 2020).

This opportunity offers a distinguished platform to influence conversations within the legal sector, and we are enthusiastic about presenting contributions that will inform and stimulate our readership.

Your submission should include:

  1. Completed submission form [download PDF here] or [download Word Doc here]
  2. Resume
  3. The article/essay / book review or writing sample.

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